The 4 basic pillars of a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy…

4PillarsFish where the fish are…
These days there is no shortage of places to drop a line, but just because there’s water doesn’t mean there’s fish…

Where you found candidates yesterday might not be where you find them today and tomorrow will probably be somewhere new. Having a guide to help you navigate on-line and off-line media services can put you ahead of your competitors and ensure your reeling in the best candidates.

Have a good pick up line…
Are you the mushroom in the bar shouting, “Hey look at me, I’m a fungi…” or the boardroom suit smirking, “I’m not actually this tall, I’m sitting on my wallet”? Personally, I’m a “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” kind of guy…

Seriously though, what statement is your company’s brand and creative strategy making to prospective candidates?

Unless jumping through hoops is a job requirement, don’t make me do it…
OK, at this point your strategy is working as planned… you identified where your candidate pool is searching and you’ve given them a compelling reason to investigate you further…

Don’t blow it by serving them up a user experience akin to a root canal! Unfortunately that is exactly the type of experience a candidate gets on most corporate career sites.

The good news is you don’t have to go out and break the budget on a new Applicant Tracking System (not that it would help, most ATSs deliver a horrible user experience not to mention they are rarely mobile apply friendly but that is for another blog.)

There is no excuse to be held hostage anymore; there are some really cost effective solutions that will work around the limitations of your ATS that when deployed will give your candidates a much better UX regardless of whether they are on a desktop or their mobile phones.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics…
This is the fun part where your CFO asks, “What did all this get us?” and you pull out your spreadsheets and sticky notes full of numbers that you hope will give an acceptable answer.

Fortunately the technology is available that can deliver us out of the “candidate self select” era of crappy analytics to a place where we can get some real insight in to how well our recruitment strategy is working. With recruitment/marketing dollars as scarce as ever, can we afford not to?

So now what? Well if you are a Talent Acquisition Professional that can do all this on your own, Congratulations! You should march into your boss’ office and demand a raise! (Seriously, you’re not getting paid enough…)

If you think your recruitment strategies could use some help in a few of these areas you should give Bayard Advertising a look!

Bayard is a comprehensive digital media and brand strategy agency. Our focus is to help you activate your most powerful assets — your purpose, your stories and your people.

What’s the next big thing in recruitment?

There is a good chance we’ll find out at HR Tech 2014…

HR Technology® is home to the world’s largest Expo of HR technology products and services – many vendors even choose to announce their latest products for the first time at HR Tech. There is no better place to touch, compare and contrast the latest solutions from leading vendors in every category, as well as start-ups.


See more at:

Hope to see you there!

Life at Expedia is Now Live!

It’s a great pleasure to announce the launch of!

This is a fantastic site that was designed and built by the team in Denver; Carey Clark, Mike Albert and Matt Sobieray. The project was managed by Andrea Abbott. Raghav and team in NY wrote the copy.

Take some time to visit, click around and enjoy all the cool effects. And did I mention it’s responsive? Take a peek on your phone or tablet. Show it off! The team here worked their tails off on this and I think they hit it out of the park.

Thanks also to Sandy, Matt G, Phil, Kyle, Doug, and Carrie for all their help along the way.

imagesIt was a team effort!

Mobile White Paper: HIRE CALLING

Mobile isn’t a trend. Billions of people are using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and Internet-capable phones) to communicate, make purchases, conduct business, build relationships – and search for jobs. In fact, by the end of 2013, the number of these mobile devices is expected to exceed the world’s population. Millennials, who are heavy mobile users, will further strengthen the movement as they become 50% of the employed workforce.

Does your company have a mobile optimized career site? Download Bayard’s free white paper and start recruiting top talent using mobile! This 21-page document focuses on recruiting and engaging job candidates through mobile.

Companies may download this free white paper by visiting

Infographic - Mobile_Page_1

Potluck Time!

It’s time to get your cooking on, share and enjoy lunch together! An office Potluck is an excellent time to enjoy different types of delicious food, and at the same time get to know your co-workers better. We at the Denver office are having a potluck this upcoming week, and therefore decided to encourage other offices to do the same! Get inspired through our Pinterest board: Denver Potlucks, and find delicious new recipes. Who knows, maybe one of them will be your new favorite? 1d67b54aae3c8369786bff3960cd9b1c

Inspired by Fall

F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

The leaves are changing and the weather is getting colder. We go from ice-cold drinks to hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes. We dress in scarves and knits. We dream of cozying up in front of a fireplace with blankets and our loved ones. For many, fall symbolizes change. Not only the change in weather but change in other areas of life. Perhaps a new apartment, getting into shape, or just enjoying the transition from summer to fall and all that goes with it.68ca1fc59ffbf05db3d938acfd2b4be0

Fall also means haunted houses, costume-parties and trick-or-treat. Every year, Halloween brings out the child in us, and gets our creative juices flowing through costume creations and decorations.

October is also a month where we are reminded of the thousands of women who are fighting breast-cancer and their affected families. It’s a time not only for afterthought, but also to give thanks. In November, Thanksgiving means family, turkey and football.

While we are slowly transitioning into winter, take a moment to enjoy the beautiful colors that surrounds us and take a deep breath of the crisp air. And also, take some time to get inspired by checking out Bayard’s new Pinterest board We ♥ FALL.

Talent Branding

Click here to find out why talent branding is essential!

Last week Bayard challenged you to take a further look at your employer brand, is it authentic, are you telling a genuine story? Does the image you project help or hurt your chances of being the applicant’s choice?

As a follow up to last weeks blog post: Authenticity in Branding: Let’s play “Spot the stock photo”… The Bayard team invites you to download our follow up White Paper: GET REAL, why creating an Authentic Talent Brand is essential.

If you are joining us at LinkedIn Talent Connect next week, this is a great primer for our discussion; if you won’t be able to join us in person, you’ll find the instructions to join the live stream listed at the end of the document. We look forward to seeing you there, live and virtually!

Authenticity in Branding: Let’s play “Spot the stock photo”…

LI-TalentConnect6x7 ad-Authentic[2][2] copy

If you’ve ever been to a career fair, campus recruitment event, or HR conference like the many I have attended in my 8+ years as a recruiter, you’ve probably played the game “Spot the stock photo”.  We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on banner displays, marketing collateral, and even matching polo’s for the HR team.  And yet…  Company A and Company B both have the same really good looking network engineer on their poster. (Apparently, he’s quite the job hopper!)

In the sea of online recruitment ads, candidates see image after image that influences their decision to hit submit on that application.  The real question is, does that image help or hurt your chances of being the applicant’s choice?

Corporate Culture has been, and will continue to be, a hot topic in the world of recruitment.  I’ll confess, I got tired of responding to every applicant, “Well, I would describe the culture here at XYZ industries as one that fosters innovation, has a strong feeling of employee appreciation, and a large focus on community involvement.” Sound familiar?

As tired as recruiters get of answering that question, the bigger question is how often do you lose the chance to even hear that question from the best candidates?

What if I told you that using photos of your actual employees, and even video of them saying those very same things, could make all the difference?

According to

  • “Job postings with video have 34% more candidate applications”
  • “Video appears in the top 100 search engine results 70% of the time.”
  • ‘“Job postings with a video icon are viewed 12% more than those without.”

What does this mean for you?

  • By adding engaging video content to your careers site, you will increase the number of completed applications and drive more traffic to your site.
  • More importantly and harder to quantify:
    • By telling a compelling and honest story, you have the advantage of engaging candidates who are drawn to your culture, and…
    • Disengage those who aren’t
    • Leading to an overall better quality of applicant and hire

Now lets take it one step further, lets say you’ve got video and it shows everyone from a warehouse worker to the CEO talking about why XYZ Industries is AWESOME! What happens when you watch the video on mute? Does it still capture the spirit, dynamic and feel of the environment?

Think of recruiting video as a chance to feelings behind the “about us” page on every career site.  By capturing the culture, excitement, and genuine emotion from your employees as they talk, you are allowing potential applicants to see YOUR story, what sets YOU apart. Using “the voice of the employee” in branding shows an honest depiction of what it’s like on the inside.

Through access to some real-life “Hollywood” talent, video done with real employees put in front of a Bayard lens, has capture the spirit and the culture of the companies represented. Our team has years of experience working in Reality TV including shows like: Nanny 911, The Jersey Shore, and others; by leveraging the Reality TV experience they are able to showcase real employees in a real way.

We invite you to join our panel of experts at this year’s LinkedIn Talent Connect to hear about Activating Authenticity in Talent Branding: Get Real—Enough with the ‘Faux-tography’.

Panel Members:

  • Jennifer Shappley, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition at Express Scripts
  • Matt Gilbert, National Creative Director at Bayard
  • Rodney Moses, Vice President, Global Recruitment at Hilton Worldwide,
  • Moderated by Jer Langhans, Manager, Global Talent Acquisition at Expedia.

When?  Wednesday, October 16th at 2:45PM; LinkedIn Talent Connect in Las Vegas

If you are not attending LinkedIn Talent Connect but would still like to find out how employer video can make an impact on your recruitment efforts please reach out to us or register to watch the event through the live stream:
(Click on the yellow button)!


Carey Erwin – Graphic Designer


Intern Interview – by Rachael Bloch

Carey went to St. Louis for college and moved to Denver when she graduated. Even though she grew up in Dallas, she absolutely loves Denver. In St. Louis she majored in Fine Arts for 3 years before switching to Graphic Design. Initially she wanted to go into Architecture, but changed her mind when she started in Graphic Design.  Soccer is one of her biggest hobbies, and is the reason she went to school in St. Louis. Not only does she play soccer, but she likes to play volleyball and snowmobile as well. Can you see why she wants to stay in Denver? Hardrock, electronica, and trance are her favorite types of music and going to concerts is another big hobby of hers. She has been  watching a lot of Nip/Tuck lately, and loves 24. It’s apparently a very intense show. A fun fact about Carey is that she has a dent in her leg from snowmobiling. Well, I guess it’s more of an interesting fact, because I doubt that was fun. The most exciting thing is that Carey is engaged and getting married in August! They are getting married in a meadow somewhere in Colorado. That sounds incredibly romantic to me! Carey is fairly new to our office, yet she fits in with our creative team perfectly. We are so excited to have her in our office.

Meet Debbie O’Connor: Bayard’s Client Service Manager

Intern Interviews: Hillary Bergman

I was lucky enough to have Debbie O’Connor-Fink, Bayard’s Client Service Manager for the past 7 years, share with me her time, advice, and expertise last week in an informational interview.

“Nothing surprises me,” she said, and it’s true—she’s a life-long resident of the Bronx, and a career-long member of the advertising industry.  O’Connor-Fink knows the ins and outs of New York advertising life like the back of her hand.

bsbfsbfbShe specifically is the account executive for our trucking clients, including Swift Transportation, Barr-Nunn, Express-1, and PGT Trucking.  When she started, she was in charge of only one small trucking company, and now is in charge of many of our clients. “Before I came here, I worked for another agency.  I handled a small trucking account at my old agency, so Louis (Naviasky, COO of Bayard) approached me and asked if I could handle one. Then Bill (Davidson, President of Logistics Division) and I went out to see them and that was my first account.  And then came another one, and then another one,” she said.

The trucking industry is no exception to the digital age, and the importance of advertising for both mobile and desktop sites.  O’Connor-Fink mentioned that she has been “doing this over 30 years… We had typewriters when I started!”  When asked about the changes she has seen in the industry, and the ones that are to come, she replied, ”Oh, I can see it changing now.  Going to the online/digital.  My workload and my clients are doing less print and more online.  The transportation magazines come out once a month, and they’re out for the month and its good branding for the company, but these people want instant results.  So you put up a campaign on LinkedIn or Indeed, and their phones are ringing.”

Even with the exponential amount of experience O’Connor-Fink already has, she always is eager to learn. She told me, “If I see something doing something new, I was always like “What is that?” When I first got here, I was able to do my own ads—I knew how to use the art program at my old company because it was PC compatible.  (Since at Bayard we have Macs) I used to sit in the art department on a Friday afternoon with someone who used to be here and he used to teach me InDesign.”

This was part of her advice to me—learn everything you can.  She adds, “Learn whatever’s available, take advantage.  Even today, Zach told me they’re going to design an Extranet for making changes and I told him I want to learn how to use it once it’s up.  It’s really important to keep up with the technology and anything new that comes out.  In this business, I’ve seen people who haven’t kept up with it and they are no longer here.”

When I asked what skills or talents or personal qualities she believes are required for someone in such a cutthroat industry, she listed “excellent communication skills, you have to be very personable…and a new skill that I am learning is you must be very proficient in Excel!”

And if you haven’t realized this already—Bayard is a great place to work.  O’Connor-Fink repeats what many of the other execs have told me as well,” I really like my fellow employees-that’s big.  I like the day-to-day interactions with the clients.  It’s always something different—there’s always something different going on every day, its not mundane, its not boring.  You never know what you’re walking into in the morning.  It’s very interesting.”